Research Themes

The thematic basis of the proposed integrative efforts spans around the pathway of cancer, especially with a focus on early ex-vivo detection, in-vivo imaging and detection, therapeutic interventions, and understanding the physical basis of cancer metastasis using integration of nanotechnology and mechanobiology.


Research Themes

  • Ex-vivo Diagnostics
  • In-vivo Imaging
  • Therapeutic Nanotechnology
  • Mechanobiology and Nanotechnology
  Nanotechnology in Cancer Reseach Themes

Cancer Treatment

In an in ideal scenario of cancer treatment, the early phase of this transformation journey is detected noninvasively in routine checks through imaging and analysis, targeted drugs are delivered at the specific sites selectively with minimal collateral damage by carriers that overcome biological barriers, and the transforming population of cells are eliminated (Ferrari, 2005). Such treatment can be repeated based on individualized needs. This envisioned treatment scenario is still far in the future, but several applications of nanotechnology in cancer treatment are showing signs of promise of transforming this vision into reality.

Nanotechnology in Cancer Research Themes