Brian N.Y. Wong



Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty Advisers:
Yi Lu, Chemistry
William Helferich, Food Science and Human Nutrition

Project Title:
DNA Mediated Synthesis of Novel Gold Nanoflowers with Enhanced Cell Permeability and Optical Properties Towards In Vivo Cancer Imaging and Drug Delivery

Brian Wong is a graduate student in Material Science and Engineering department, working with his advisor Dr. Yi Lu in Chemistry and co-advisor William Helferich in Food Science & Human Nutrition. His current research is in the field of DNA structural nanotechnology and working with DNA as a functional and nano-scaffolding material. His research proposal for the Midwest Cancer Nanotechnology Training grant will explore the interesting optical properties of a novel gold nanoflower recently developed in our lab along with functional DNA as a new platform for in vitro and in vivo sensing and therapeutic. Originally born in Hong Kong, China, Brian moved to Seattle with his parents and got his Bachelors degree in Material Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. His interests outside of lab include skiing, investing, jazz, and cooking for my friends. After graduation, he hopes to find a position at a biotech and nanotechnology focused consulting firm or venture capital.