Li Tang



Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty Advisers:
Jianjun Cheng , Materials Science and Engineering
Timothy Fan, Veterinary Clinical Medicine

Project Title:
Size-Controlled, Monodisperse Nanomedicines for Cancer Targeting and Treatment

Li Tang is a graduate student at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering under the supervision of Professor Jianjun Cheng. He received his B.S. of Chemistry degree from Beijing University, China, in 2007. He is currently developing novel polylactide or silica based nanoconjugates for cancer and diabetes treatment. He hopes to become a leader in the area of nanomedicine in future. He was the recipient of the Cyrus Tang Scholarship for four consecutive times (2003–2006) from the Cyrus Tang Foundation and also received Zhao Tai Undergraduate Research Fellowship from Sino Capital Education Foundation in 2005.