Austin (Yin Kyai) Hsiao




Faculty Advisers:
Logan Liu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Yingxiao Peter Wang, Bioengineering

Project Title:
Nanophotonic Sensor Integrated Microfluidic Imaging Platform for Studying Cancer Cell Mechanobiology in Metastasis

Austin Yin Kyai Hsiao is a graduate student in the Bioengineering Department and a research assistant in Professor Logan Liu's group in the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory. He is currently developing a microfluidic platform for cell toxicity screening and exploring a new imaging technique for fluorescent enhancement in biological studies. Austin emigrated from Burma (Myanmar) when he was ten years old and is currently working to earn the first PhD in his family. Outside of research, he is a volunteer coordinator and the newsletter editor for the Wesley Evening Food Pantry, which serves over 10,000 people annually from Urbana-Champaign community.